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product description:

XC-24W600-OS is our company specially designed for the development of LED lights a full voltage range input ,separate From the flyback type constant current drive with built-in power, the power adopt new circuit design,  make the product to provide A high efficiency, high reliability, wide range voltage output, low noise, the energy conservation Environmental protection, long life, etc

Scope of application:
This product is used for indoor LED panel lights, LED down light and outdoor LED street light, LED flood lights etc. Output voltage is 23V-42V and (8--12series 2group)

Product certificate

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Product parameters
 MODEL  XC-24W600-OS
 OUTPUT  Rated current  600mA
 Constant current range of  23-42V
 Rated power  24W
 Current accuracy   ±5%
 Linearity adjustment rate  ±3%
 Negative adjustment rate  ±5%
 INPUT  Voltage range  85-265VAC
 Frequency range  47~63Hz
 Frequency range  PF>0.5 at full load (Please refer to "Power Factor Characteristic" curve)
 Efficiency  ≧85%
 AC current  0.3A(MaX)

Circuit diagram
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